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Private Detectives Madrid | Find out if your partner is committing infidelity to you.

What is exactly being unfaithful?

The definition of infidelity has not changed at all with the arrival of the Internet. To be unfaithful is simply to break the trust of the couple when they keep secrets away from conjugal intimacy. In short, we are unfaithful to our partner when we lie consciously and knowing that our behavior is not correct. It is convenient to talk with the couple about what we tolerate in our relationship and what is not. Well, the private detectives agency in Madrid will do your work!

Private Detectives Madrid | Find out if your partner is committing infidelity to you.

Private Detectives Madrid | Find out if your partner is committing infidelity to you.


Investigating an infidelity is a very serious matter and must be carried out by professionals. In a delicate moment, it is very easy to fall into the commission of crimes against privacy yourself or hire a “pirate” who commits crimes with you without having the slightest idea of the limits of the current legislation. Only a professional private detective knows what and how to investigate to achieve results without violating any law.

Do not be fooled, even if it is something very private and you do not like to comment, it is a delicate issue that requires professional help. Avail the services of ours private detectives!


Sometimes it is impossible to guess with certainty if our suspicions of infidelity are true or are simply a product of our imagination without having first-hand information. This is where the figure of the private detective comes in. Hire a private detective in Madrid as the job of a private detectives is to inform you in a rigorous and objective way, without doubt, or opinions, of the behavior of your partner when he is not with you. With this information that we provide, accurate and contrasted with numerous videos and photographs, you can check if your behavior is appropriate and make the decisions you consider appropriate.

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