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LEGAL FRAMEWORK for private detectives services in Madrid

Legal framework to carry out private detective services in MadridThe profession of private detective in Spain is regulated by Law 23/1.992 of July 30 and its regulations: RD 2364/1.994 and O.M. Justicia e Interior de 7-7-1.996.

The LAW 23/1992 OF PRIVATE SECURITY, of July 30, states that the functions of private detectives are own and exclusive and, at the request of individuals or legal bodies, will attend:

1. a) Obtain and provide information and evidence of conduct or private events. It is considered behaviors and private facts which affect the civil, labor and administrative area.
2. b) Of investigation of prosecutable offenses only upon application on behalf for running of the legitimate in criminal proceedings.
3. c) Of surveillance at fairs, hotels, exhibitions or similar areas.

Private research is aimed to collaborate in the decision, preparation, monitoring and implementation of judicial proceedings.

The current LEC (Law of Civil Procedure of 7 January of 2000), with greater intensity than ever, gives the parts the responsibility of proof of the allegations. In this scene, the full knowledge of the facts and the previous regulation of proof elements of the same is made up, increasingly, as a requirement for the effectiveness of any litigation process. A private detective is the ideal collaborator for those lawyers who require full guarantees on the probative value of their speeches and are who execute executive management in the verification of data, facts and presentation of evidence.


Habilitacion y jurisprudencia de actividad detectives privados en MadridAUTHORIZATION

To carry out these activities, the lAW requires the provision of a Private Detective Officer License, issued by the Ministry of Interior for those who meet the requirements demanded of the Law, among which includes a university degree of 3 years duration. The realization of the activities of Private Detectives by people, national or foreign, lacking the license of the Ministry of Interior, is a very serious offense punishable by a fine of up to 30,000 Euros regardless of the possible prosecution of individual criminally responsible. Also, it incurs in offense who seek the services of those who are not qualified as Private Detectives, knowing this situation.


The new Law of Civil Procedure (art.265, Law 1/2000, 7 of January) signs a considerable importance to the evidences and reports issued by Detectives.
The Supreme Court defines Private Detective as privileged witness in any court proceedings.


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