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   Directorate-General Police and Civil Guard license 2464

Employment as detective in our Private Detectives Agency in Madrid


Employment as private detectiveWe encourage you to work with one of the most important private research agencies in Madrid.
Send us your curriculum and you'll have the possibility to join our team.


We carefully select all of our detectives:

  • Analyzing previously the curriculum vitae
  • Checking the accuracy of the information contained in the CV
  • Fulfilling an interview to better know the potential candidates

All our detectives work full time with our agency, never as a part time job, which provide us security towards the client and our own detectives.

Requirements you must meet in order to be part of our team of private detective:

      • Have a license of private detective duly approved by the correspondant university , with three years of university studies.
      • Having the basic and innate qualities that every detective should have.
      • Enthusiasm for the profession.
      • Official License granted by the Ministry of Interior and the National Police.

 Work as private detective in MadridSTUDENTS IN PRACTICE: If you are a student and you want to see how a firm of private detectives works internally , you can make office practices with us and start having a first contact with the world of private investigation.

SPECIALIZED DETECTIVES: We are also looking for detectives on specific areas of private investigation such as:

  • Computer forensics
  • Experts in conducting economic reports.
  • Handwriting.
  • Experts in Document Examination, etc.


If you have the requirement of any of the groups described above, we encourage you to send your CV to:


Telephones: 913 866 294 - 608 767 979
We are here to solve your problems

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