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Fees for services by Asociados Detectives Privados Madrid

The criterions we follow to apply our professional fees depend on factors such as the complexity of the issue to be considered, distance, number of detectives needed to employ, specific problems of each particular case, etc.

We will be very glad to advise you about the prices of our services without any commitment on your part.

Get information free about price list applied to our customers and take advantage of our prices adjusted to each particular case assessing the problem that is arisen.

Call us without obligation and we will call you an estimate budget on your needs or inquire personally arranging an interview with us without any cost.

Fees of Private Investigators


· Rates of Private Investigators in Madrid Asociados have taken as reference stipulated by Asociación Profesional de Detectives Privados de España (APDPE). However budgets are made personalized ​​for each case.

As a general rule the following criterion are established:

· Minimum rate per day is 4 hours. If the service is far more than 50 kms daily professional office the minimum is set to 8 hours.
· Invoicing by service hour (1) detective
· Services between 22:00 and 06:00 and executed in Saturdays and holidays it will have an increase of 50%. If they are standing both circumstances the increase will be 100%.
·The necessary expenses for the realization of the service are invoiced separately from the fees agreed.

They are expenses such displacement derivatives, accommodation, car rental and photo-video material, contribution of evidence from the various records, etc.

- Provision of funds to the signing of the order: 50%.

- If necessary use of motorcycle service will increase to 10 Euros / hour.



Private Detectives in Madrid - Video (in Spanish) presenting the services of private investigation of the agency.


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