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  Immediate telephone budget
  Total Confidentiality and Discretion
  Maximum efficiency and immediate results

   Directorate-General Police and Civil Guard license 2464

Guarantees of Private Detective Services in Madrid.


Guarantees of Private Detective Services in Madrid.

Detectives Madrid Asociados has the legal backing of the main associations of national and international detectives.

We are members of the main professional detectives' associations such as:

• World Association of Detectives World Association of Detectives

• The Association of British Investigators Association of British Investigators

• International Federation of Private Detectives ( I.K.D.)International Federation of Private Detectives

• A.P.D.P.E  A.P.D.P.E



  • Experience and prestige.

Thanks to all customers who year after year come to any of our offices, such as leading lawyers , corporations, insurance company and individuals. They are the best guarantee and advertising we can have.

  • Great professional team.

Our staff of professionals is comprised of highly regarded private detectives with great experience in private investigation.
All our detectives work directly with us. We do not work with " Freelancers " which gives us a degree of safety and security on the research to be performed.

  • Use of latest technology.

We use the most advanced technical means and material, which allows us to go further than others.

  • Internal Network Infrastructure.

Thanks to the location of our four offices, situated in strategic locations in Spain, as well as collaborations with leading national and international agencies, we can have a unique infrastructure.

  • National and International Scope

Detectives Madrid Asociados operates throughout Spain, Europe and the rest of the world, doing all types of investigation with professionalism and adapting our work to each country legislation.

  • High reliability, commitment and discretion.

One of our qualities is our great discretion embodied in each and every one of our investigations.
We carry out a prior analysis of the research to be fulfilled in order to maximize results .
Our biggest challenge is the commitment to solve problems in the most efficient manner.

  • Full legal force and judicial ratification.

All our investigations are embodied in a final report , which includes all details of the research, supported by videographic evidence.
Our final reports have full legal validity We confirm all our reports in court.

  • Law framework

All our investigations are performed within the most strict legality.

  • Soundness and Solvency.

We are a large national agency with a strong presence throughout the national territory with four offices situated in different geographical locations.
Our long career and a large list of customers, loyal to our services, are our best guarantee.



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